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home cookingExperts have long touted the benefits of gathering together daily for a family meal. In this overscheduled world, it’s a great time to take a breath, take a bite and take stock in your loved ones’ day. But did you know that those who eat most of their meals at home are healthier? According to the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, there’s new research showing a link between frequency of home-prepared lunches and dinners and risk of type 2 diabetes. People who ate 11-14 lunches or dinners prepared at home per week were 13% less likely to develop diabetes during eight years of follow-up. Additionally, good ol’ home cooking was also linked to less weight gain and incidence of obesity, which researchers said would explain the difference in diabetes risk.

Why You Should Say Yes to Home Cooking!
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Why You Should Say Yes to Home Cooking!
New research reveals a link between eating at home and lower diabetes risk.

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    Excelent info – great article


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