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  • Seniors and Sleep: How aging changes your ZZZZ’s

    Seniors and Sleep: How aging changes your ZZZZ’s

    As you probably know, sleep occurs in multiple stages. The normal sleep cycle includes periods of light and deep sleep, with periods of active dreaming, referred to as REM sleep. This varied cycle is repeated several times nightly.

  • Tension Tamers: 3 Easy Relaxation Techniques

    Tension Tamers: 3 Easy Relaxation Techniques

    Whether you are a yoga instructor or an air traffic controller, there will always be something in your life that causes stress. Bills, work, family, even the incessant ticking of the clock, can all put you over the edge.

  • Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Dementia

    Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Dementia

    Vitamin D has long been touted as the “sunshine vitamin” that is essential for bone health. But now scientists have found that it may also help protect the aging brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


A Lifetime of Creating True Medical Breakthroughs

Dr Bruce AmesOver 512 publications have made Dr. Ames the most quoted scientist in America. He has received dozens of awards including, the National Medal of Science from the President.

Live Better Longer

Your true biological age is determined not by years but by the state of your body’s structure and functions.

There are two remarkable benefits that healthy aging offers:
First: don’t get sick as you age.
Second: restore your health and eliminate your health concerns

The key to healthy aging is a robust energy metabolism which supplies cellular fuel you use to maintain your health.

The more regularly we supply our bodies with appropriate nutrition, the better our health will be. You can take control of your health and have a vibrant and active life.


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