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Win The Race Against Aging

Anti-aging experts are encouraged by the promising study results regarding resveratrol. This plant-derived nutrient may actually help us live longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives!

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Resveratrol activates metabolic pathways (including a key regulatory enzyme, AMPK and possibly a longevity gene, called SIRT1) to improve cell survival, blood sugar metabolism, and insulin regulation.  According to Juvenon research and other studies, resveratrol helps support cardiovascular health, power up natural immune defenses, improve insulin sensitivity, and increase the number and efficiency of energy producing mitochondria.

All Resveratrol Is Not Created Equal
Why Juvenon Resveratrol Longevity Formula Is Better

Juvenon offers a potent and effective form of this natural powerhouse in Resveratrol Longevity Formula.

Extracted from the root of the Japanese knotweed, this highly concentrated source of resveratrol is micronized (rendered extremely fine) to produce a more readily absorbable form. Studies show that these extracts from this particular source can activate the “longevity gene,” improve health, and prevent chronic disease.

Juvenon Resveratrol combines the active form of trans-resveratrol with other key plant components that are known to boost resveratrol’s overall effects.

Like all Juvenon products, Resveratrol Longevity Formula is tested and certified by a reputable independent laboratory for potency, purity and effectiveness.


Juvenon™ Science is Solid
Juvenon research and that of other scientists has shown that an important factor in aging is decay of the mitochondria, which are essential to the production of chemical energy in your body’s cells. These tiny cellular “power plants” within the DNA produce your “life energy” through oxidative combustion of the body’s principal fuels – glucose and fatty acids – converting the chemical energy to a form easily used to drive life’s biochemical processes. Beginning at around the age of just 25, our mitochondria start to deteriorate and are less effective at converting energy sources into healthy, youth-giving fuel.

Why become susceptible to aging when you are barely into adulthood? Why not renew your youthful qualities as you get older? Thanks to extensive Juvenon™ research, development, and rigorous testing, it’s now possible to maintain a health physique and sound mind over a much longer life span.

Youthful Energy or Resveratrol Longevity Formula?
Q: One of the ingredients in Juvenon Energy Formula is resveratrol. Is it necessary to take Resveratrol Longevity Formula as well?
A: The amount of resveratrol contained in Youthful Energy is less than the quantity offered in Resveratrol Longevity Formula. As our customers report in their Juvenon testimonials, individual preferences and needs can vary, depending on diet, level of activity, overall health, and other factors. Taking Youthful Energy along with a Resveratrol Longevity Formula capsule every other day may provide the optimal amount for most people.

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A Lifetime of Creating True Medical Breakthroughs

Dr Bruce AmesOver 512 publications have made Dr. Ames the most quoted scientist in America. He has received dozens of awards including, the National Medal of Science from the President.

Live Better Longer

Your true biological age is determined not by years but by the state of your body’s structure and functions.

There are two remarkable benefits that healthy aging offers:
First: don’t get sick as you age.
Second: restore your health and eliminate your health concerns

The key to healthy aging is a robust energy metabolism which supplies cellular fuel you use to maintain your health.

The more regularly we supply our bodies with appropriate nutrition, the better our health will be. You can take control of your health and have a vibrant and active life.


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Clinically proven to work


CNN Reports, “Juvenon tackles a universal aging problem.”
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Results so effective, Juvenon is making headlines…

  • National Geographic
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  • Newsweek
  • Discover magazine
  • The Oprah magazine
  • NY Academy of Sciences

Super Saver Program Details

Juvenon will ship your product to you monthly or [at the interval you choose] at 30% off retail price. Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipment. There is no minimum time commitment. To cancel, suspend, alter or adjust shipments, contact Customer Service.