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Congratulations! If you are reading this now it means you care about your memory health.
Take this short, fun quiz and learn a few easy ways you can improve your memory!

What percent of people over 65 have Alzheimer’s?

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Planting a garden can protect your memory.

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Brushing your teeth with the wrong hand can rev up your thinking skills.

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You are doing great so far! Here is the next question!

Smokers can remember names and faces as well as non-smokers.

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Maintaining a normal weight lowers your risk for memory loss.

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Drinking enough water can reverse symptoms of dementia.

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Keep up the good work! You are almost done!

Sleep is important for memory, so if you can’t sleep be sure to take a sleeping pill.

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Getting help with a new task can hurt your memory.

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Forgetting a name is a sure sign of dementia.

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