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Youthful Metabolism supports healthy glucose levels by powering up metabolism

Incline Village, Nev. June 18, 2012– Known for its scientifically proven healthy aging formulas, Juvenon recently launched Youthful Metabolism, a formula that addresses worrisome metabolism issues that plague so many aging Americans.

Juvenon researchers culled the latest scientific findings to develop the best natural solution for the health consequences of an aging metabolism. Bothersome middle-aged spread was at the top of list, but the scientists were equally intent on remedying symptoms of pre-diabetes and cardiovascular health threats that can be the costs of an ineffective metabolism.

“We’ve all heard the litany for years; a nationwide obesity epidemic, dangerous belly fat, dangers of blood sugar imbalance and cholesterol imbalances,” notes Juvenon Research Director Dr. Ben Treadwell, a biochemist and former Harvard Medical School professor.

Treadwell says many people don’t understand how insulin insensitivity is at the root of these thorny problems.

Simply put, food is converted into glucose, which fuels the body. Insulin – a hormone produced in the pancreas — moves glucose from your blood into cells and tissues. As one ages, this mechanism starts to conk out. Instead of converting glucose to energy, some is converted to fat and stored around the belly.

When metabolism is faulty, sugar-insulin spikes can trigger the release of harmful toxins, which can lead to the degenerative diseases of aging, as well as cravings and increased hunger.
“Eventually, the cells are deprived of the fuel they need to survive and thrive,” Treadwell explains. “Our research team determined early on that one silver bullet could not solve all the issues related to an aging metabolism. Instead we combined natural solutions that target multiple pathways.”

Enter Youthful Metabolism; a formula featuring ingredients documented in hundreds of scientific research papers to balance blood sugar, cholesterol and weight naturally.
Leading the charge is Berberine, a plant-based compound. According to scientific research, Berberine helps to take glucose out of the blood and direct it into the cells for energy.
“In one clinical trial, people taking Berberine for three months saw impressive results,” Treadwell adds. “Their insulin sensitivity increased and fasting blood sugar levels decreased by almost 25 percent.”

Intent on boosting metabolism via another pathway, Juvenon added Resveratrol to the mix.
“In recent human studies Resveratrol was shown to improve insulin sensitivity and natural fat burning,” Treadwell says. “It also supports vascular health by relaxing blood vessels and improving circulation.”

Three powerful citrus bioflavonoids round out the Youthful Metabolism formula. They work in multiple pathways, supporting healthy blood sugar levels, insulin function, and weight management. The bioflavonoids also can help to prevent plaque build up in arteries.

To purchase Youthful Metabolism or for additional information and scientific findings, visit Juvenon, www.juvenon.com.

About Juvenon:
Juvenon’s mission is to develop and market science based nutritional health supplements that help maintain vigor and functionality as we age. Juvenon has proprietary technology, originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley, and protected by United States and international patents. We also have a team of world-class scientists, led by Dr. Bruce Ames, Ph.D., winner of the National Medal of Science and other international honors.


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