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New formula developed by former Director of Harvard’s Orthopaedic Research Lab

Incline Village, Nev. November 15, 2012–Juvenon Inc. officials recently announced the launch of Ultimate Bone Density, a new formula featuring strontium citrate — a nutrient that has been shown in studies to stave off age-related bone loss and build stronger, denser bone.

Ultimate Bone Density is the brainchild of Dr. Ben Treadwell, a biochemist and former Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Orthopaedic Research Laboratory. Now, as Juvenon’s Director of Research, Treadwell culls respected scientific findings in search of the most promising, effective solutions to degenerative diseases of aging.

“Deteriorating bone health is of particular concern to our customers whose goal is to live vibrant, independent lives for many years to come,” Treadwell explains.  “I’ve been extremely encouraged by the scientific support for the ingredients in this formula that help with the entire bone cycle, which changes as we age.”

According to Treadwell, a significant percent of the bone is replaced each year as the tissue is in a constant state of remodeling. Unhealthy bone tissue is removed by osteoclast cells while the osteoblast cells build new, healthy bone.

This give-and-take bone process is an even trade until age 40 when there’s more bone breakdown than bone-building, Treadwell explains.

Treadwell reports that Juvenon’s new formula, Ultimate Bone Density, features strontium, which can improve outer and inner bone tissue. In turn, bones will have better strength, thickness and flexibility.

“It’s been proven in studies to increase outer bone thickness by 18 percent and inner bone structures by 14 percent,” Treadwell says. “Moreover, it’s the first ingredient proven in human trials to stimulate bone growth and regulate bone loss.”

Juvenon Ultimate Bone Density features five other ingredients that have been shown to support bone health: vitamin K2, vitamin, D3, hops, olive leaf extract and green/black tea polyphenols.

Treadwell adds that statistics show that by age 50, 1 in 3 Americans is losing bone. “These are sobering numbers, but I now believe that it’s not too late to start building healthy bone.”

This orthopaedic research scientist adds that Ultimate Bone Density is an important addition to a bone-healthy lifestyle that should also include daily physical activity and a healthy diet.

To purchase Ultimate Bone Density or to obtain additional information and scientific findings, visit Juvenon, www.juvenon.com.

About Juvenon:
Juvenon plans to “empower youthful aging” by offering a roadmap to youthful aging with an easily understood punch list for longevity, which includes not only supplements, but also the latest scientific research, expert findings, and lifestyle choices that make a real difference in the way people feel and live. Ultimately, we seek to add 5 quality years to each customer’s lifespan.


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