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Major US nutritional health supplement company uses OrderMotion’s on-demand order and inventory management technology for next stage of growth

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —  (http://www.myprgenie.com) — OrderMotion(R) Inc., the leading web-based platform for direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaign and order management, today announced that its SaaS order management technology has been selected by Juvenon, Inc. as a critical element in preparing its back office order processing and inventory management for the next growth stage of its fast growing health supplement company.

Juvenon Chief Financial Officer, Michael McManus, said his company chose OrderMotion’s platform, OMX, because it can easily and seamlessly integrate with third party logistics and fulfillment companies.  It also provides complete visibility into every aspect of Juvenon’s eCommerce activities, order processing, fulfillment, and customer service operations.

“We chose OrderMotion because its OMX technology works incredibly well with external call centers,” said McManus. “They provide a SaaS solution that scales easily to work with our business model. We don’t have to upgrade any software or buy new hardware if our model changes.”

According to McManus, approximately 40 percent of Juvenon’s business involves regularly scheduled, automatic shipments to its customers as part of its continuity program strategy, which also made OMX an attractive choice.

“OrderMotion could take our existing continuity program and move it into their OMX system without a problem or delay,” stated McManus.  “We didn’t have to worry about our program being affected by the switchover. In fact, OMX provides additional functionality that makes our continuity program more flexible, enabling customers to modify their accounts online. Now, instead of opting out because their shipments no longer fit their needs, they can simply defer shipments online to match their unique supplement usage rate. That really cuts down on cancellations.”

McManus added that because OMX acts as the data hub and can assimilate and integrate a wide range of vendor data files, Juvenon no longer has to rely upon its suppliers for critical sales and order information reports. With OMX, the company can control all its data and can quickly generate a variety of custom reports to meet any need.  

About OrderMotion, Inc.

OrderMotion is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Campaign and Order Management Platform company with web-based technology that integrates seamlessly into the vendor network of web storefronts, call centers, payment processors, customer service centers, fulfillment solutions and financial packages. OrderMotion provides: 1) High volume, efficient and flexible order processing and inventory management to enable smooth, rapid growth. 2) Robust functionality and built-in best practices to turn the voluminous amount of behavioral data created by the order process into new revenue opportunities, and 3) Deep, insightful and customizable analytics and reporting to enable timely decisions to drive growth and profits. OrderMotion is a PCI Level One certified service provider and ideally suited for multi-pay and continuity order processing. OrderMotion is based in Burlington, MA and on the Web at www.ordermotion.com

About Juvenon, Inc.

Juvenon develops and markets nutritional health supplements that help maintain vigor and functionality as we age. Juvenon has proprietary technology, originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley, and protected by United States and international patents. Noted anti-aging researchers Dr. Bruce Ames Ph.D, Dr. Tory Hagen, Ph.D., and Dr. Ben Treadwell, Ph.D. developed Juvenon(TM) Cellular Health, which has been shown to help slow down the hidden cause of aging and was lauded by Readers Digest as the “The New Pill That Can End Aging.” Juvenon’s Scientific Research Team continues to develop new products that address the issues of aging at a cellular level. For more information, visit www.juvenon.com.

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