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    Memory Loss Quiz

    Congratulations! If you are reading this now it means you care about your memory health. Take this short, fun quiz and learn a few easy ways you can improve your… Continue reading

  • Memory Loss Quiz

    Memory Loss Quiz

    Scientists now know that certain lifestyle factors can influence your memory as you age. Take this quiz to see how well you’re taking care of your own memory.

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    Anti-Aging Quiz

    Longevity isn’t just about reaching a ripe old age — it’s about feeling good once you get there. Do you know what it takes to win at the healthy aging… Continue reading

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    Anti-Aging Quiz

    Turn back the clock now! When it comes to aging, there are plenty of discouraging myths.. Happily, there’s also a lot of good news that you might not know. Find… Continue reading


Clinically proven to work


CNN Reports, “Juvenon tackles a universal aging problem.”
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Results so effective, Juvenon is making headlines…

  • National Geographic
  • TIME magazine
  • Linus Pauling Institute
  • Newsweek
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  • The Oprah magazine
  • NY Academy of Sciences

A Lifetime of Creating True Medical Breakthroughs

doctorames_sml_webOver 512 publications have made Dr. Ames the most quoted scientist in America. He has received dozens of awards including, the National Medal of Science from the President.

“I Feel More Energetic…”
“After just two weeks on Juvenon, I feel more energetic and have a better sense of well-being and happiness.” —Delores S., age 66, Ohio.


“It’s Like I’ve Gone Back To 15 Years Ago.”
“Best I can explain it is like I’ve gone back to how I was 10, 15, years ago.” —Robert Ruth, 76


“sharp and mindful all these years−I am certain of it.”
“I just had my 80th birthday and truly feel that Juvenon has kept me sharp and mindful all of these years. In fact, I am certain of it. I love your product.” —Nancy Rick, 80, California