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Juvenon Health Journal volume 1 number 1 july 2002

Caloric Restriction – So What?

The most documented method for increasing lifespan in animals is through caloric restriction (CR). Scientists have known for decades that if they cut out a third of the normal diet (caloric content) fed to rats, worms, yeast and other organisms, the animals live longer. More recent studies with primates are demonstrating effects similar to those found with rodents.Caloric restriction has not been reliably tested in humans, and caloricbesides, few among us want to live in a constant state of hunger. What then, is the significance of this research? What promise does it hold for those of us who want to do the right things to live a long, healthy, active life?

Let’s look first at what happens at the cellular level under caloric restriction. The information obtained from intense study at many different labs demonstrates that caloric restriction increases the efficiency of energy production and reduces blood pressure, triglycerides levels, blood glucose levels, and body temperature. The animals on restricted diet also appear to have fewer chronic diseases, and their cellular proteins and DNA show less damage caused by free radicals. Caloric restriction also decreases insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity, two important indicators of a healthy, non-diabetic physical state.

In an environment of food scarcity, cells appear to go into a self-preservation state involving the production of substances to protect structures vital for cell survival. The net effect is an efficient machine that produces a minimum of toxic substances (free radicals) and is protected from attack by toxic metabolites. The overall effect of caloric restriction is to redirect the cell from non-essential activities and focus it on those most important for maximum health and longevity.

These experimental results are promising for humans seeking to reach a maximum age with a high quality of life, in that they suggest the possibility of developing compounds that encourage cells to produce the same effects as caloric restriction but without the strict diet. One such compound has already been developed and tested on aged rats and canines with encouraging results, and others are currently being analyzed.



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Benjamin V. Treadwell, Ph.D., is a former Harvard Medical School associate professor and member of Juvenon’s Scientific Advisory Board.


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