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raw veggiesAre you wondering if raw veggies are the way to go for optimum health?  Well, the answer just might surprise you, according to experts at Tufts University.

According to the university’s most recent newsletter, there’s a whole group of leafy-green vegetables traditionally served cooked – mustard, collard and turnip greens – that, except in the South, most Americans simply skip as they concentrate on fresh salad greens. It seems cooking calms down the flavors of some greens, like mustard, that many folks don’t care for. What’s more, cooking can also make chard more palatable, when its leaves and stems are too mature for salads.

The article reasons that while there are nutritional trade-offs in cooked versus fresh greens, the popular notion that cooked vegetables aren’t as healthy is more myth than fact. Most important, if reluctance to cook leafy greens keeps you from eating them, it’s time to fire up the stove.

“Cooking will help break down the individual cells of these plants, and loosen up the fibers that make up the cell walls,” explains Diane L. McKay, PhD, an assistant professor at Tufts’ Friedman School in the most recent newsletter. “This releases some of the phytochemicals like the carotenoids and ferulic acid that are present in the plant, making more of them available to your body when consumed. Other phytochemicals like the flavonoids, as well any water-soluble vitamins that are present (vitamin C and the B vitamins), don’t fare as well when heated. The longer you cook your vegetables, the more these compounds degrade.”

CHOLESTEROL AND CANCER: For leafy greens in particular, cooking seems to boost their ability to lower unhealthy cholesterol levels.  McKay says  studies showed that collard greens, kale and mustard greens steamed for 15-20 minutes were better at binding bile acids than their uncooked counterparts. Bile acids are produced in the liver and released into the small intestine during digestion. Bile acid binding is related to the cholesterol-lowering potential of foods. The authors believe this difference was due to the release of certain phytochemicals (like isothiocyanates and sulforaphane) that are known to bind bile acids during digestion.”

Those same phytochemicals are key to the potential cancer-prevention benefits of cruciferous vegetables, which include kale, mustard greens and collards, as well as cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. One study found that mustard greens were second only to Brussels sprouts in total content of glucosinolates, which break down into those cancer-fighting compounds. Heating also causes one type of glucosinate in greens to form another compound, indole, that has been studied for anti-cancer and artery-protective effects.

So, enjoy your spinach and kale salads and those tasty raw broccoli florets, but also consider steaming these greens for even more health benefits.

Article Name
Are Raw Veggies Nutritionally Superior?
Are you wondering if raw veggies are the way to go for optimum health? Well, the answer just might surprise you, according to experts at Tufts University.

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