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Juvenon Health Journal – January 2013, No. 1


2012 Research RoundupWhether it’s exploring the fascinating link between dementia and diabetes or uncovering the lesser-known benefits of exercise, the Juvenon Health Journal is your go-to source for the most up-to-date health news. In this issue we revisit some of the most intriguing JHJ topics of 2012. For additional interesting topics dating back to 2001, browse the JHJ archive.

On Your Mind: Strawberry Fields Forever 
This issue of the Juvenon Health Journal discusses plant nutrients that are active in protecting our nervous system and improving memory. We uncover plant foods containing genetic material capable of entering our body’s cells to affect our health, even our state of mind. It illustrates how plants and animals truly are interconnected in both obvious and, perhaps, unexpected ways.
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Sugar High: The Low-Down on the Health Danger
You’ve probably heard the expression “sugar high.” Sugar-laden foods do make us feel good while we’re eating them. We can become “addicted” to the taste and the energy burst, too, always wanting more. But could sugar possibly be as damaging to our health as addictive drugs? Scientists are beginning to answer “yes,” especially regarding one life-threatening health concern: cancer.
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Niacin: Is the First Cardio Health Therapeutic Still the Best?
Most of us are aware of the health problems attributed to high cholesterol and the other lipid (fatty) blood constituent, triglycerides. No wonder drugs formulated to control blood levels of lipids have become big business for the pharmaceutical industry. Some critical questions remain unanswered, however. For example, why exactly are elevated blood lipids unhealthy? What evidence supports their potential to cause health problems? Are the drugs prescribed to improve lipid levels safe? You may be surprised by the answers – or lack thereof.
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Exercise: A Brain Tonic
From ‘oh my creaky knees’ to ‘now, where did I put my keys?’ we are given constant physical and mental reminders of the realities of aging. Fortunately, modern scientists never grow tired of researching what exactly can be done to help stop or at least slow-down worrisome aging symptoms. Here we explore some of the lesser-known benefits of exercise. For instance, recent research now reveals an interesting connection between exercise and the decline in mental acuity associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
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The Hangover Headache: Deconstructed
By now you probably know all too well that a healthy lifestyle featuring daily exercise, plenty of sleep and a nutritious diet is key to top-of-your-game physical and mental health. But as the song goes ‘you’ re only human’ when faced with social situations where enjoying a cocktail (or two) is the norm. One of the most common partying side effects is the dreaded morning-after headache. So why does excessive alcohol consumption make your head hurt? Here we explore the results of a recent study examining the effects of toxins produced from excess alcohol consumption. What’s more, we’ll discuss anti-toxins that just might help neutralize drinkers’ exposure to tissue-damaging toxins.
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A Closer Look at HDLc: The ‘Happy’ Cholesterol
How many of you remember back four decades ago when the media first bombarded us with dire warnings about the dangers of consuming cholesterol-rich foods, such as eggs and red meat, on a regular basis? The advice was scary as it made the connection between high levels of cholesterol in our blood and the clogging of arteries and heart disease. It turns out the cholesterol connection with heart disease is complex. This issue of the Juvenon Health Journal explores recent findings that may help you determine the best ways to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
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Wishing You A Healthy and Happy New Year
Here at Juvenon we are hard at work exploring scientific discoveries that can make a real impact in our customers’ lives. Ultimately, we seek to add five quality years to each customer’s lifespan. Watch for exciting anti-aging updates in upcoming issues of the Juvenon Health Journal. Juvenon offers a virtual toolkit for vibrant longevity. This includes not only a family of effective, all-natural supplements, but also healthy lifestyle advice from the top anti-aging experts. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2013!



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